Gotham Knights Recap: Pop Quiz! Who Purchased Dealt a Paternity Shocker?

This Tuesday’s episode of The CW’s Gotham Knights was not joking spherical.

For starters — and as Harper will be the first to tell you — it was an attractive little hour, starting off with the reveal that Turner and Duela really did the deed — a lot — after their library liaison. (One of the simplest ways Duela described their hook-up will, in actual fact, land in our Quotes of the Week column.)

And since the episode neared its end, a bit of little bit of derring-do on Harper and Stephanie’s behalf — which alongside the easiest way required some gradual dancing — coupled with Stephanie being shook by a tricky reality about her dad, set the stage for #Sharper to lastly share a main kiss. After which one different….

Nevertheless in between the above assignations, you had the introduction of Duela’s mother, Jane Doe (carried out by The Librarians‘ Lindy Gross sales house), who quite a bit to Turner’s shock reunited collectively along with her youngster on the Ace of Golf tools bar after being launched from Arkham. Being very quite a bit her daughter’s mother, Jane pulled some strings to lure Harvey Dent into her crosshairs there on the bar, at which stage she drugged him.

When Harvey acquired right here to, he found himself strapped proper right into a straight jacket and tied to a chair in a boiler room someplace, with Jane and Duela wanting on. Jane proceeded to ingredient for her daughter how Harvey was accountable for her getting locked away 18 years prior to now. As Jane knowledgeable it, Harvey efficiently gaslit her — by hooking up collectively along with her again and again once more inside the day, after which collaborating in dumb afterwards and even reporting her to the police as a crazed stalker.

Nevertheless what was really happening, it grew to turn into clear to us, was Darkish Harvey was luckily bedding Jane, leaving Good Harvey none the wiser and truly believing he had a loon chasing him.

What’s further, one outcomes of that love affair between Darkish Harvey and Jane… is Duela! Certain, Harvey is Duela’s father, though he on no account had any thought. And the Joker knew in regards to the ruse nonetheless was snug to play alongside, a minimal of until Duela proved to have the power to defend herself and by no means cowl behind his title.

As Duela acquired right here to simply settle for this massive new reality, Jane yanked from her daughter’s neck the bullet she carries spherical (to sooner or later put into the individual accountable for her mother’s misfortune) and loaded it proper right into a gun. She then invited On account of shoot Harvey — and after some hesitation, nonetheless feeling each sort of resentment in direction of Harvey, Duela did pull the set off. After Harvey slumped over, shot, the ladies slipped away to cowl out in a buddy’s trailer residence for a spell.

Harvey survived the gunshot, though — thanks, fittingly, to the coin he retains in his pocket….

What did you take into account Gotham Knights‘ antepenultimate episode and all the huge happenings?